Wednesday, 28 March 2007


Desire is the furnace that drives individuals like a steam train, unstoppable!

Inspiration is abundant and available in many forms whenever I look for it

What I don’t know someone else does and they can’t wait to share it

All my steps are stepping stones; giant leaps leave gaps, easily missing the tipping point

Unbridled faith* commands the entire universe to submit to one man

Love, intelligence, and laughter kills mental germs

Negativity is something they choose

Lucky circumstances are born out of conscious decision making and persistence

Money spawns when I make a positive impact on other people’s lives

Asking for criticism makes mistake-making fun. Other people make judgments

Consistency is the building block of reputation

Reputation is the resonance of meaning and purpose in my life

Whatever I haven’t thought of yet is imminent; unsurprisingly enlightening me on time

Good intentions are not enough; they require planning, action, and follow through

I can get anyone to buy something once. Integrity gets repeat business and referrals.

Negativity, worry and stress are the effects of indecision

The more imagined ideas I turn to reality the more imagination I have

By recognizing everything that happens is a lesson I can predict direction

Abhorrence of Narcissism fills my universe with a fortune of possibilities

I am twice as sexy, fit and vibrant than I was at 20 and half as good as I will be at 60

Enjoy your life, live your life, you are the meaning of it!

*goal oriented rather than religious

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